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Used spare parts for your car in Cahors, Toulouse, Brive-la-Gaillarde, Caussade and Montauban

30, January 2024

Located just outside Cahors in Montdoumerc, Rochis SAS is a key player in the automotive scrapyard sector. But don’t be fooled by their scope, as this company warmly welcomes automotive enthusiasts and professionals far beyond the borders of Cahors. Whether you live in Toulouse, Caussade, Brive-la-Gaillarde or Montauban, Rochis SAS offers you privileged access to a vast inventory of car parts of all makes.

One of the main features of Rochis SAS is its impressive collection of spare parts. Whether you’re looking for parts for a minor repair or a complete restoration, their stock meets your needs with exceptional variety and quality. Before you visit, simply make a phone call to check the availability of the parts you need, ensuring a successful visit.

But that’s not all. Rochis SAS does more than just supply spare parts to private customers. Automotive professionals will also find what they’re looking for at Rochis SAS, where they can purchase damaged vehicles, used engines and gearboxes, offering a complete solution for their repair and replacement needs. Bodybuilders will also find what they’re looking for in our fleet.

Individuals with a passion for mechanics and DIY are also catered for. Rochis SAS also offers the possibility of purchasing engines and gearboxes, opening up a world of opportunities for restoration and customization projects.

In short, Rochis SAS stands out as a partner for all your automotive parts and equipment needs. Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast, an automotive professional or simply a car owner looking for quality used parts, Rochis SAS is here to serve you, with its expertise, attentive customer service and impressive range of auto parts.

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