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Removal of end-of-life vehicles from private homes.

11, October 2023

Rochis specializes in the removal of end-of-life vehicles from private homes. With a fleet of efficient towing vehicles, the company also stands out by offering on-street services. If the idea of parting with your car for good has struck you and it’s resting wisely by the side of the road, don’t delay. You’re running out of time to avoid fines or, worse still, having your vehicle impounded, a process that could cost you dearly.

Rochis’ responsiveness is essential in these delicate situations. By choosing their services, you’re opting for a fast, efficient solution for removing your car from the public domain, saving you unnecessary financial hassle.

Once recovered, your vehicle enters the recycling process, in compliance with current standards. Rochis is committed to treating each end-of-life vehicle in compliance with environmental standards, thus contributing to the preservation of our planet. We’ll take care of the administrative side of things with you.

When you call on Rochis, you’re not only freeing yourself from the clutter of an unusable vehicle, you’re also taking part in a responsible approach to the environment. Simplify your transition to a more sustainable lifestyle by choosing Rochis for the removal of your end-of-life car.